1. The test is 3 Hours and 20 Min. duration.
  2. The Test comprises two Sections. Each subject will consist of two sections.
    Section A will consist of 35 Questions and Section B will have 10 questions
    The maximum marks are 720.
  3. Each question carries 04 (four) marks and, for each correct answer candidate will get 04
    (four) marks. For each incorrect answer, 01(one) mark will be deducted from the total
    score. To answer a question, the candidate has to find, for each question, the correct answer/
    best option. However, after the process of the challenge of key, if more than one option is
    found to be correct then all/any one of the multiple correct/best options marked will be
    given four marks (+4). Any incorrect option marked will be given minus one mark (-1).
    Unanswered/Unattempted questions will be given no marks. In case, a question is dropped/
    ignored, all candidates will be given four marks (+4) irrespective of the fact whether the
    the question has been attempted or not attempted by the candidate
  4. There is only one correct response for each question. Filling up more than one response in
    each question will be treated as a wrong response and marks for wrong response will be
    deducted accordingly



This quiz must be completed in 200 minutes.